Philosophy   My goal in teaching is to give kids the the tools to follow their wildest imaginings with a sense of confidence, joy, and freedom :) -- I believe that this can be built up through art making in a supportive and creatively free environment.  My teaching philosophy is rooted in mindfulness; I treasure the importance of slowing down, taking your time, observing one's surroundings, and letting artwork grow and change with the flow of the present moment. I strongly believe that this approach to art making can really change the way that one sees the world.   I attended and went on to teach at Acorn Gallery School of Art, a one room family-run art school nestled beside the harbor in historical Marblehead, Massachusetts. I seek to bring the warmth of studying art in my small oceanside town to my teachings and relationships with students in NYC.        Painting Background           I grew up studying classical oil painting from a young age, making plein air paintings inspired by Edward Hopper and Milton Avery. I went on to study Painting at Boston University, both furthering studies of traditional painting techniques and expanding my practice. I spent a semester studying Art History at Scuola Internazionale di Grafica in Venice, Italy and other art destinations of Western Europe. I have since studied at New York Studio School and Chautauqua School of Art.       Lessons    I work with each child and family in order to determine the kind of art education that they think would be most exciting and comfortable. I work with three kinds of lesson structures that represent more traditional or more experimental approaches to learning:   Building Blocks   -  traditional approach, painting from observation, learning color, shadow, technique (ex: self portrait)   Cloud Burst   -  imagination, abstraction, encouraging kids to follow their creative, silly whims and run with them (ex: comic book strip)   Scribble Power     -  projects based on techniques of art therapy to help kids get out their emotions and use art as a tool for healing (ex: energetic scribble session, drawing your favorite kind of day, food, memory)   I am happy to experiment with which one of these approaches works best and use a mix of the three. It is a guide I developed that can be followed closely or loosely as works best for each child.      Current offerings:  - private + semi-private painting lessons  ( ages 3+ )  - educational art museum trips ( ages 4+ )  - portfolio mentorship for high school students in NYC.      
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