Rebecca Senn is an artist living in Brooklyn, NY. She will be graduating Rhode Island School of Design with an MFA in Painting in 2021. She received a BFA in Painting from Boston University in 2010. She has participated in residencies/courses at Chautauqua Art School, Vermont Studio Center, New York Studio School and Kvutzat Florentin in Tel Aviv. Her work has been exhibited in New York, Boston, Rhode Island, Tel Aviv, and Venice, Italy.


This body of work is an exploration of my devotion to being an artist in a troubled world, and the anxiety and hope that comes along with that. In my figures’ expressions, I move along an emotional accordion between melancholy and exuberance. Some figures are expressive with arms outstretched and some are huddled up, hiding from the world. This juxtaposition of expansion and contraction depicts a tension between periods of openness and fearfulness that I experience in my own life. Gesture is at the heart of the work in both the physical poses of the figures and in my own movement as I apply paint or ink. The frenzied mark making mirrors the urgency I feel for both devoting myself to my practice and bringing my work into the world right now.